Southern Gospel & Plus Top 25 (November 2016) Survey
Please help us with our survey of the Top 25 songs for the month.We Thank you for your time and listening to Southern Gospel & Plus. we hope to meet your a radio ministry. May the Lord Jesus Bless you for being a part. Love you all in Christ Rick Haines
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This survey consists of 25 questions with        1-5 stars.

1-star = Did not really care for it
2-stars = I liked it some
3- stars = Halfway
4- stars I like it
5- stars = I Loved it

1)  Let It Start In Me - Gaither Vocal Band *

2)  Grave Mistake - The Whisnants *

3) Calling - Karen Peck & New River

4) The Only One - Doug Anderson

5) Just Can't Make It By Myself - The Nelons

6) Its What He's Done - Wilburn and Wilburn

7) He Won't Fail You - The Taylors

8) One Way, One Name, One Door - Down East Boys *

9) Somebody's Story - The Talleys

10)   Don't You Think You Ought To Worship Me - The Wisecarvers

11) Somebody Is Me - Master's Voice

12) Can You Burn - 11th Hour

13) The Old Time Way - The Old Time Preachers Quartet

14) Somebody Go Get Jesus - Troy Burns Family

15)   I've Been in the Book  - The McKamey's

16)   My Lord Will Send A Moses - Logan Smith

17) So You Would Know - The Rogers Family Band

18)  Soldier Of The Cross - Allison Speer *

19) Mama's Rocking Chair - Ivan Parker

20) If We Ever Gotta Look - The Hoppers

21) Dirt On My Hands - The Booth Brothers

22) It Ain't Gonna Worry Me Long - The Guardians

23) Time Has Made a Change in Me - The Perrys

24) Gimme Back My Country - Crossfire Gospel Band

25) It Takes Jesus - Zane and Donna King

Thank you so much for taking part in this survey. Your input means so much to us. We are trying to build a Christian radio station that’s not a business but a ministry that is well loved by it's content that changes the heart through the Spirit of Christ. "Southern Gospel & Plus"

  May the Lord Jesus bless you and thanks for listening. 
                           Rick Haines

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